VIP Encounters

Once in a lifetime animal interaction.

We’re here to make your wildest animal dreams a reality, and with our VIP+ and VIP Animal Adventure Admissions, you will have the chance to do just that! With our VIP Animal Adventure Admission you'll enjoy a VIP Small Animal Encounter where our educational staff will bring out 3-4 animals not on display for you to touch, feed, and take pictures. The VIP+ admission guests will enjoy an Exclusive Encounter IN THE HABITAT of one of our most unique animals like Lemurs, Sloths, or Owls. Get ready to play with, touch, feed, and engage some of our cutest zoo animals including sloths, lemurs, kittens, owls, and more, as available! This is a rare and unique experience you will not want to miss!

**All VIP+ Exclusive Encounters must be booked on location at Branson’s Promised Land Zoo.

Exclusive Encounter Animals

Below are examples of animals that could be available for Exclusive Encounters. All Exclusive Encounters are subject to the availability and temperament of the animals on any given day.

Ring-tailed Lemur

Some of our recent zooborns will be ready to interact with you early this summer! Is it your DREAM to play and feed a baby monkey? Branson’s Promised Land Zoo lets you do just that! Have the time of your life as she runs, jumps and plays with you during your special time together.

(Minimum age 12 years)

Two-Toed Sloths

Meet, greet, pet and feed four of the greatest creatures on earth! Blondie, Scarface, Baby, Velcro and our latest addition, Baby Elmer, are waiting for you to give them treats and back scratches! Don’t forget to take your own #slothie to show your friends! We are the ONLY place in the United States that breeds and allows contact with their animals for such an affordable rate!

(Minimum age 8 years)

Caracal Kitten

We have adorable baby caracals, which are medium sized jungle cats related to the lynx, and other exotic cats ready to be cuddled and played with! How can you resist that little face!

(Minimum age 12 years)

Eurasian Eagle Owl

You get to be the falconer! If it’s always been your dream to train large raptors or if you just plain love owls then this is the encounter for you! Currently the Owl Encounter is only offered once in the morning and once in the afternoon

(Minimum age 12)