Our Story

Who we are

Promised Land Zoo was founded by Jeff and Diane Sanders and their 5 children when they moved down from Chicago in the early 90’s to a small farm Eagle Rock, Missouri. For much of the 90’s, the farm was utilized as a breeding facility for select rare and endangered animals until the Sanders Family moved to a farm that was specifically built for these efforts in 1997. At that time, the Sanders decided that it would be great to open the gates and share all their animals with the public and Promised Land Zoo was born.

Since that time, the park has grown and changed over the years to incorporate many endangered animals as well as many rescued animals that needed a forever home. In 2012, the Sanders decided to build a new adventure in Branson, Missouri. They founded Branson’s Promised Land Zoo to focus on Preservation, of the animals, Interaction with animals, and Education about the animals to the thousands of visitors that come to the park annually.

While working to promote the highest standards in animal care, PLZOO hires and primarily employs degreed biologists, conservationists and wildlife managers to care for their animals. PLZOO is also an accredited facility through the Feline Conservation Federation and promotes the propagation, education and conservation of these rare wild cats.