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Branson’s Promised Land Zoo

Welcome to Branson’s Promised Land Zoo!

Branson’s Top Rated Animal Attraction and only Zoo is family owned and operated and dedicated to providing each and every visitor a personalized zoo experience. We work hard, every day, to give our animals the best care possible and to educate and entertain all our visitors. Places like Branson’s Promised Land Zoo are the last chance many species have to survive. By providing healthy living spaces, nutritious diets, proper medical care, and monitoring, we are among the few facilities that are able to produce happy and healthy ambassador animals for zoos! Many of our animals are real rescues where we provide them a safe, forever home.

Branson’s Promised Land Zoo is now a Feline Conservation Federation Accredited Facility. Only a handful of facilities throughout the US can brag about this prestigious accreditation! Our constant work to provide quality wildcat care, education, and interaction between the public and cats has landed us this distinguished title! We have also received Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence and the Traveler’s Choice Award.

Animal Attractions

Foot Safari

foot safari

Branson’s Promised Land Zoo features several exhibits of species from around the world! We currently have on display numerous antelope, zebra, kangaroo, big cats, medium cats, baboons, spider monkeys, lemurs, and many other groups of animals including deer, prairie dogs, capybara, porcupines and a large variety of petting zoo animals like alpacas, goats, and more! Our nine-acre park may be small, but it is mighty! Very few places will allow you to get up so close and personal with the animals.

  • Our facility is designed to give the average visitor about 2 hours of entertainment
  • Feed animals with food purchased from PLZ

VIP Animal Adventure

Great for ALL Ages
Our most popular admission allows you to get closer than ever before to animals only seen on television and books. Along with everything in our Basic Admission you also enjoy our VIP Small Animal Encounter- where our animal professionals bring out 3-4 animals not on display for you to feed, pet and take pictures with including two mammals and a reptile that are keepers choice that day.

Parakeet Paradise


Parakeet Paradise is a special place where you can feed hundreds of birds with your complimentary parakeet stick! Fun for all ages, every visitor can’t get enough of this free-flight area where hundreds of birds flock to you for attention and for a treat. Each admission receives one parakeet stick for the birds.

  • Open All Day
  • Additional Parakeet Sticks Available - 2/$1
  • Free Flight Zone - No Strollers Allowed Inside

Exclusive Encounters

Are you looking for a special, one-of-a-kind, behind the scenes experience? Then, look no further than our all-new VIP Admissions! All our VIP guests are able to experience everything in General Admission in addition to our newest offerings. Please also keep in mind that the majority of our encounter animals are born right here at one of our two Promised Land Zoo parks. These animals are critical for species diversity and often join our breeding programs as they mature. We are also well renowned for our educational animals and they are used around the world! Things are always changing and improving at PLZoo, so if you have a specific question don’t hesitate to ask us or give us a call or contact us!

VIP Admission

Exclusive Encounter

kangarooThis is the greatest way to enjoy all that PLZOO has to offer and fun for ANY age!  In addition to all the offerings of General Admission, our VIP guests will also be able to participate in a guided Wild Walk Tour & the VIP Encounter.

The Guided Wild Walk Tour is a guided tour through the park with some more up-close animal interactions that may include the ring-tailed lemurs, zebras, tortoises and more!

The VIP Encounter is a special time for you and a few animals in our new VIP Lounge area.  This is the perfect time to take pictures and get that one-on-one time with some of your favorite animals like baby kangaroos, albino pythons and so many more of our animal ambassadors.

VIP PLUS Admission

Exclusive Encounter

Our VIP PLUS Guests are those who want to EXPERIENCE it all! Not only do you get all the offerings of General and VIP Admission you are able to add on one of our Exclusive Encounters like with the Sloths, Kittens or Owl. You also receive a complimentary Keepsake Cup of feed with each VIP PLUS Admission. Age limitations do apply.

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Exclusive Encounter

Some of our recent zooborns will be ready to interact with you early this summer! Is it your DREAM to play and feed a baby monkey? Branson’s Promised Land Zoo lets you do just that! Have the time of your life as she runs, jumps and plays with you during your special time together.

  • Minimum Age: 12 Years

Two-Toed Sloths

Exclusive Encounter

Meet, greet, pet and feed four of the greatest creatures on earth! Blondie, Scarface, Baby, Velcro and our latest addition, Baby Elmer, are waiting for you to give them treats and back scratches! Don’t forget to take your own #slothie to show your friends! We are the ONLY place in the United States that breeds and allows contact with their animals for such an affordable rate!

  • Minimum Age: 8 years

Owl Encounter

Exclusive Encounter

You get to be the falconer! If it’s always been your dream to train large raptors or if you just plain love owls then this is the encounter for you! Currently, the Owl Encounter is only offered once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

  • Minimum Age: 12 years


Exclusive Encounter

a cat with its mouth open
Embark on a wild adventure with the unique opportunity to experience a personal encounter with an African serval. Get up close and personal with this majestic feline, immersing yourself in an unforgettable encounter filled with awe and wonder.

  • Minimum Age: 12 years

Lesser Anteater
(Currently unavailable)

Exclusive Encounter

a person holding an animal
Step into the enchanting world of wildlife and experience the magic of a personal encounter with the lesser anteater. Delight in this rare chance to get hands-on with one of nature’s most intriguing creatures, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Minimum Age: 12 years

Ready For an Animal Adventure?