Exciting animal attractions for your family.

Branson’s Promised Land Zoo offers many different attractions to appeal to all ages. The number one focus at Branson’s Promised Land Zoo is personal interaction with these great creatures that that God put here for us to take care of. By being able to interact with the animals and develop a mutual respect, we are better able to care for them.

With General Admission you can enjoy so much at the park including Live Animal Shows, Parakeet Paradise, and the Foot Safari. Upgrade to VIP and get all these great attractions in addition to the Guided Wild Walk and VIP Encounter time with some special friends or even upgrade to VIP Plus where you can enjoy all of these activities PLUS an Exclusive Encounter with one of our most special Animal Ambassadors.

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Zoo Attractions

Foot Safari

Meander around our paved Foot Safari paths and see tigers, lions, zebras, antelope, deer, several species of primates, and hundreds of other animals. Also, enjoy feeding kangaroos or kissing a camel in our fun-for-all-ages petting zoo.

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Parakeet Paradise

Feed hundreds of free-flight birds in our Parakeet Paradise habitat with your complimentary feed stick. This active breeding colony where no two birds look alike is really an experience that you will never forget!

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Drive Thru Safari

65 more acres… 0 additional cost! Enjoy our brand new Drive Thru Park as part of General Admission. Drive your vehicle through our 65 acre park and get your cameras ready to capture some photos of the many unique animals roaming throughout the park!

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Bottle Feedings

Have you ever fed a baby animal? With our VIP admission, you can do just that. Get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to bottle feed baby calves, pygmy goats, camels, zebras and more! Bottle feeding times are limited and first-come-first-serve for our VIP guests.

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Guided Wild Walks

Get Up Close and Personal with animals from around the world during our Guided Wild Walk. Each Wild Walk tour is led by one of our friendly education guides, who will host your family or group around the zoo and share fun information and personal stories about the animals along the way. Animal feedings and interactions, like hand-feeding the ring-tailed lemurs, petting the zebras, or feeding the tortoises are also included along a Guided Wild Walk for VIP Admission guests, depending on the time of day and availability of the animals.

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VIP Encounters

Several times daily the VIP Encounters is available for our VIP Guests. This is a special time in our VIP Lounge Area where our educational staff bring out an additional 3-4 animals not on display for you to hold, pet, feed and take photos with. Popular animals for the VIP Encounter include baby kangaroos, dingo pups, many different small mammals and a reptile or two.

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VIP Tram Tours

Take a climate controlled, VIP tram ride, guided with video screens and a professional tour guide, throughout our park for a chance to enter the animal enclosures and feed some of our most unique, furry friends!

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Exclusive Animal Encounters

Enjoy this one-of-a-kind opportunity to touch, feed, and engage some of our rarest and cutest zoo animals including sloths, lemurs, kittens, owls, and more!  This is a unique experience you will not want to miss!

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Ultimate Excursions

Get ultimate access to all of our animals when you take a once-in-a-lifetime tour on our all-terrain vehicles with your own personal guide. Ultimate Excursions also include an exclusive animal encounter, giraffe feeding and all activities in VIP and General Admission.

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Live Shows

Get up close and personal with 5-6 animals that aren’t on display and learn about these unique creatures from our highly trained staff of animal professionals. The animals in our shows rotate daily to provide a different guest experience every time you visit Branson’s Promised Land Zoo.

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