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Eureka Springs Safari Park

Welcome to Eureka Springs Safari Park!

Home to hundreds of rare and endangered animals from around the world, Promised Land Zoo is the kind of place where you can GET CLOSER and more personal to so many of these dwindling species! We are proud to be a family-owned and operated park since 1992 and would love for our family to show yours all that we have to offer.

Come and see what all the talk is about! Promised Land Zoo is a great attraction with lots to see and do!

We’ve extended local admission rates to those who live or work in Barry or Carroll Counties for half priced admission every Monday- Thursday (Sorry no holidays)

Animal Attractions

Drive-Thru Park


Our drive-thru park allows many of our animals to come right up to your vehicle for a chance to GET CLOSER than ever before. Free-range bison, fallow deer, elk, antelope, camels, kangaroos, and more meander about the park and frequently have babies! In our breeding facility, you can see the Promised Land at work as we protect rare and endangered animal species in controlled breeding groups. Many of these species can no longer be found in the wild!

  • 120-acre park viewed from your own vehicle

Parakeet Paradise


Parakeet Paradise is a special place where you can feed hundreds of birds with your complimentary parakeet stick! Fun for all ages, every visitor can’t get enough of this free-flight area where hundreds of birds flock to you for attention and for a treat. Each admission receives one parakeet stick for the birds.

  • Open All Day
  • Additional Parakeet Sticks Available - 2/$1
  • Free Flight Zone - No Strollers Allowed Inside

Petting Zoo

petting zoo

Pet, feed and make some new friends in our spacious petting zoo! Our nursery for our bottle babies is located in the petting zoo and we also have other animals to view in this area as well including tropical birds, reptiles, prairie dogs, lemurs, and other small mammals.

  • Feed for the petting zoo area is available for purchase in the gift shop

Personal Tours

personal tour

Looking for the ultimate experience? Book a personal tour! Your very own tour guide will take you in one of our All-terrain vehicles through the entire drive-thru park! Feed all the animals that you want and get so close to so many wonderful creatures! $99 per person fee includes the personal tour, parakeet paradise, petting zoo, bottle feedings. Well worth your money!