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  • Over 1000 5-Star Reviews!

Experience Branson’s VIP Animal Adventure

An Up Close Encounter To Touch, Feed, & Interact

Quick Details

Adult VIP Ages 13+
Child VIP Ages 2-12 (Children under 2 are free)

What’s Included:

Our expert educational staff will guide you through an exclusive 40-minute group encounter with 2 exotic mammals and 1 exotic reptile. You’ll get to touch, pet, and hold our animals PLUS take pictures while we share our knowledge and stories of each animal.

We’ll surprise you with three different animals. Be prepared to meet baby monkeys, joeys, birds, sloths, capybaras, our Columbian red-tailed boa, baby porcupine, and more!

VIP+ admission guests will enjoy an exclusive encounter IN THE HABITAT of one of our most unique animals like baby spider monkeys, sloths, owls, or our African serval kitten. This is a rare and unique experience you will not want to miss!


“Wonderful experience. Families… it is worth the cost to go VIP! We held a kangaroo, a bear cat, and a tegu. We were then able to tour the park in a van and feed camels, emus, llamas, and many others. The hosts were friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming. The park was clean, well taken care of, and well laid out. Be prepared for steep hills and inclines.
Our family of three, one 11 year old, two adults absolutely loved the experience.”

Erin Moore

“AMAZING time! We did the VIP and for me and my 8 year old the VIP+. She got to go in with the slots which was awesome. We also got to hold snakes, a kangaroo, and see lots of animals up close. My kids loved the parakeet paradise so much they went back in a second time, and the spider monkey was so entertaining. We stayed for hours and all four of us just loved it.”

Beth Carr

“Branson Promised Land Zoo was absolutely amazing.
We got to hand feed Grants Zebras, Bactrian and Dromedary Camels, Alpacas, Llamas, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Asiatic Water Buffalo, Deer, Emus, Pygmy Goats, Kangaroos, Giraffe, Sloths, and more. We also got to pet a Hedgehog, Armadillo, Bald Python, and got to hold a baby Kangaroo. This is a once in a lifetime experience.”

Amie Mitchell

“Promised Land Zoo is amazing! I 100% recommend paying a little more for the VIP package so you can love and cuddle the babies! The atmosphere is top notch.”

Julie Buckner

“We thoroughly enjoyed our visit. All of the employees were friendly, helpful, and kind. We upgraded the VIP package and were not disappointed. There are several fun animals to see, hold, and feed. The baby kangaroos were the sweetest. The parakeet house was very cool. We spent about 4 hours there.”

Chad White

“This is by far one of the coolest zoo’s I have ever visited. The up close encounters of the VIP package is 100% worth it! My lifelong dream to pet a sloth has been fulfilled! 💜”

Amanda Ferreirae