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Branson VIP Adventure

Guided Tram Tour & Group Encounter

Quick Details

Adult VIP Ages 13+
Child VIP Ages 2-12 (Children under 2 are free)
Adult VIP+ Ages 13+ l Exclusive Encounter: In The Habitat
Child VIP+ Ages 8-12 l Exclusive Encounter: In The Habitat

Once-in-a-Lifetime Animal Interaction!

We’re here to make your wildest animal dreams a reality, and with our VIP+ and VIP Animal Adventure Admissions, you will have the chance to do just that!

Our Branson VIP Animal Adventure includes a VIP Small Animal Encounter with several animals, the VIP Guided Wild Walk around the Foot Safari and the VIP Tram Tour where you enter several enclosures on a climate-controlled bus to learn about, view and feed animals.

With our VIP Animal Adventure Admission, you’ll enjoy a VIP Small Animal Encounter where our educational staff will bring out three-four animals not on display for you to touch, feed, and take pictures of including at least two mammals and a reptile.

The VIP+ admission guests will enjoy an Exclusive Encounter IN THE HABITAT of one of our most unique animals like lemurs, sloths, or owls.
With our VIP+ Animal Adventure get ready to play with, touch, feed, and engage some of our cutest zoo animals including your choice of sloths, lemurs, kittens, owls, and more, as available! Minimum age for sloths and anteaters is 8 years old and up, minimum age for kittens, lemur, or owls is 12 years and up.
This is a rare and unique experience you will not want to miss!