Enjoy our drive thru park and animal attractions.

Eagle Rock’s Promised Land Zoo near Eureka Springs offers many different attractions to appeal to all ages. The number one focus at Promised Land Zoo is personal interaction with these great creatures that that God put here for us to take care of. By being able to interact with the animals and develop mutual respect, we are better able to care for them. Please read below for a list of animal attractions at our zoo.

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Zoo Attractions

Drive Thru Park

Our 120 acre park viewed from your own vehicle allows many of our animals to come right up to your vehicle for a chance to GET CLOSER than you ever have before.

Free range bison, fallow deer, elk and more meander about the park and frequently have babies! On your drive you can see the Promised Land at work and engage with llamas, antelope, camels, and more!

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Parakeet Paradise

Feed hundreds of free-flight birds in our Parakeet Paradise habitat with your complimentary feed stick. This active breeding colony where no two birds look alike is really an experience that you will never forget!

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Petting Zoo

Pet, feed, and make some new friends in our spacious petting zoo! Our nursery for the bottle babies is located in the petting zoo and we have other animals to view in this area as well including tropical birds, reptiles, prairie dogs, lemurs, and other small mammals. Feed for the petting zoo area is available for purchase in the gift shop.

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Bottle Feedings

Baby animals require a lot of food, and we want YOU to help feed them! Not only can you look at camels and zebras, pygmy goats and baby calves, but you can also pet them and feed them a bottle! Don’t be late to the zoo because bottle feeding times are limited and our policy is first-come-first-serve!

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Personal Tours

Returning in 2018

We are currently only booking the Ultimate Excursion at our Branson location which is just 45 minutes Northeast of the Eagle Rock park. More information, priceing and online booking available at

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